Accelerate your product development with SimSolid.

Join our Altair SimSolid webinar where we demonstrate how your analysis times can be dramatically reduced.  

Accelerate your product development with SimSolid.

The webinar will introduce you to SimSolid and show you how it can rapidly help you reduce analysis times when analysing welded and bolted structures including chassis and underrun bars. This will include using CAD geometry including bolts, with no geometry simplifications, and how to create welded connections with the option to use CAD weld geometry. 

Hear from Truck trailer manufacturer, Don-Bur, discuss the challenges its engineering team was having with simulation in SolidWorks, and how a move to SimSolid has cut its simulation time from hours to a just few minutes.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • SimSolid - How it can reduce analysis times
  • Don-Bur Customer presentation
  • Q&A

Watch the recording of the webinar

Hosted by: 
Wasim Younis, Symetri Simulation Specialist 



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