Webinar | Vault for Make

Join our webinar and learn more about Autodesk Vault plugins for PowerMill and FeatureCAM.

Webinar | Vault for Make

Many customers have great control over their CAD data. Traceability and approval workflows are common.

However, that’s not always the case for CAM projects and NC files. Many customers still have loose traceability and risk programming using the wrong CAD revisions when email updates are missed.
Further downstream the NC files are rarely well configured and changes to files on controllers are generally not backed up meaning any repeat orders require the fine-tuning and prove out work to be repeated.

Join our webinar where we will introduce Autodesk Vault for Make and we will show you the following:

Webinar Focus:

  • How using Autodesk Vault with plugins for PowerMill and FeatureCAM as well as utilities for the shop floor can enable manufacturers to create an end to end digital thread for their data.
  • Find out how this brings multiple benefits including allowing customers to reduce lead times through early CAD availability and reducing scrap through eliminating the risk of programming with the wrong CAD revisions.

Event Details:
Date: Wednesday, 12th January
Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Presenter: Luke Edwards, Consulting Services Manager, Autodesk


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