PLM Support

Ensure availability of your business-critical applications with Symetri’s PLM Support

Symetri’s PLM Support agreement is a unique support model for your business-critical applications to ensure high availability of your systems related to the CAD and PLM environment.

The support agreement we offer includes elements such as:

  • Preventive actions to avoid problems and ensure system availability
  • Corrective actions to ensure quick problem resolution with guaranteed support resource availability
  • Resolution commitment to ensure system uptime
  • User assistance to ensure efficient use of applications

In general, the scope of the PLM Support agreement covers all your applications delivered by Symetri: Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Vault and Symetri’s SOVELIA solutions. Based on your specific needs we can extend the model beyond Symetri and Autodesk applications.


How does the PLM Support model work from your perspective:

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