Project implementation services

An efficient implementation project secures the return on your investment

Technology and process implementation projects are typically delivered in one or more phases. When a large-scale project is implemented in several phases, the first one can usually be used straight away, so the investment starts to generate profit immediately.


Project implementation service by Symetri

Symetri’s project implementation service is based on the Agile model, with regular project meetings, a pre-planned agenda and clear goal, and is divided into four project phases.

1. Preparation: Business analysis workshop

The Business analysis workshop will cover your business processes and improve them through design excellence and data management methods. After attending the workshop, you will receive a suggested solution road map that will highlight possible improvements for each business process, a detailed proposal for the next steps, a timeline and costs.

2. Pre-study to analyse how the solution can meet your customer-specific needs in detail

Our pre-study is a practical method to ensure compatibility of the proposed solution with a unique customer’s needs. The study results in a project plan and exact estimate of the workload required to implement the solution.

During the study, we analyse your specific requirements and make a plan to accomplish them and build the solution to meet these needs. As an end result, the customer receives a step-by-step plan and exact estimate of the work required to deliver the solution. The pre-study is typically required to set up a fixed price delivery project.

The pre-study includes the following main phases:

  • Conceptual analysis
  • Introduction to solution functionality
  • Template feasibility analysis
  • Analysis of the existing data
  • Workload estimates
  • A phased project plan


3. Implementation phase

Symetri’s offering is based on easy-to-use, pre-packaged solutions that ensure smooth implementation. Our implementation method is based on Lean thinking, radically reducing the project lead time. It is a cost-efficient agile model designed to ensure successful implementation of the solution. Large projects are often implemented in two or more phases to ensure quick payback on the investment.

Our approach consists of the following steps:

  • Solution configuration to adopt in your business requirements
  • Integrating the solution with the required systems to ensure a single entry of information
  • End-user material preparation
  • Integration and user acceptance tests
  • End-user training
  • Data migration
  • Production roll-out and Go-Live support
  • Collection and documentation of lessons learnt
  • Handover to the support team
  • Project closing


4. System integration

Symetri’s solutions are typically integrated with your company’s existing IT environment. The most typical integrations are with ERP systems.

In the case of SOVELIA®CQFlexMon and CQi, we provide integration with the following CAD systems: the Autodesk product family, SolidWorks, Creo, ePlan and E3 Systems. Naturally, Microsoft Office products are integrated as part of our complete solution.

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