Sovelia Inventor Piping

Sovelia Inventor Piping

Easy to learn and simple to use piping tool to lift your productivity to the next level.

State of Art 3D-piping tool for Autodesk Inventor users

Pipe design in Autodesk Inventor can be a challenge and, for many years, Symetri’s customers asked why there wasn’t a workable 3D piping tool for Autodesk Inventor. This need, together with input and guidance from some of these customers, led Symetri to develop its own piping tool that is easy to get started with.

Sovelia Inventor Piping helps you increase your productivity and reduce your project delivery times. It can also significantly reduce the time to create and modify pipes compared with using the standard Inventor.


Sovelia Inventor Piping is:

  • Easy to understand – allows users to adopt the workflow and technology

  • Fast to work with – increases productivity and makes it easy to meet time demands

  • Flexible modifications – as design changes come along at different stages of projects they can easily be incorporated into the existing design.


Watch webinar recording: How to create your Inventor pipe designs in an easy way?

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