Symetri Visualisation table

How to present and sell your idea with one solution - involving your customers, managers and stakeholders directly in the design and decision-making process?

The Symetri Visualisation Table gets customers, designers and managers to stop being spectators and start communicating interactively with virtual 3D models. Viewers can walk through a planned house or take a seat in a future car model. The smart technology allows non-technical users to work with the displayed objects almost as if they were playing a game.

It allows users to create interactive applications without programming skills and makes planning and presenting buildings and projects as easy as playing a game. It offers architects, real estate developers, builders, designers, the automobile industry and others a simple and attractive alternative to static product presentations.

With Visualisation table you can

  • Easily involve customers, managers and stakeholders directly in the design and decision-making process
  • Create interactive applications without programming skills
  • Get an ideal solution for fluid, interactive group presentations
  • Have a built in support for several different display and navigation setups.
  • Communicate interactively with 3D models
  • Work standard software like Autodesk Navisworks, Unity3D and SketchUp that work directly in Visualisation table.

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