Autodesk Inventor Tube & Pipe 2020

This Autodesk Inventor Tube & Pipe course will teach how to design routed elements, including tubing, piping, and flexible hoses.  You will learn how to add tubing or piping runs to your main assemblies, how to automatically place tube or pipe segments, elbows and couplings along the route to meet your design requirements. It will also allow you to understand how you can make changes to the route and document your design.

Course content for Autodesk Inventor Tube & Pipe

  • Understand the tube and pipe environment and why you would use it  
  • Learn to set up routes and runs  
  • Be able to place the initial fittings in your tube and pipe design 
  • Create edit and manage routes for rigid pipe, rigid tube and flexible hose designs 
  • Discover how to manage content libraries and publish custom content to content libraries 
  • Understand how to create new styles that utilise your own custom content 
  • Document tube and pipe designs through the creation of 2D drawings and parts lists 
  • Learn how to export 3D design data 

Benefits of Autodesk Inventor Tube & Pipe

Understand the tubing and piping design workflow
You will be able to create a tube and pipe routes and runs
You will be able to populate your tube & pipe runs with standard content
Learn how to document and present your pipe run

Expected outcome

After completing the course, you will understand the key features of Autodesk Inventor Tube and pipe module and be able to design your own routed elements. You will be able to maximise the rules-based routing tools to select the correct fittings and help your pipe run comply with your standards to help save you valuable design time. 

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate. 

Expected outcome

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Craig Snell

Craig Snell

United Kingdom Product Design & Lifecycle - Support & Training Manager

Upcoming course dates

Mar 16
Online Training - 1 day
Price £195
Course administrator Alison Owen
Date 16 March 2021 09:30 - 16 March 2021 16:30

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