Information & BIM Management Fundamentals

This Information Management & BIM training course is designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the principles of Information Management enabled by BIM. You will also review the core standards, specifications and guidance, including the ISO 19650 series and develop an understanding of how information is managed, delivered and used through the capital, delivery and into occupation. By attending this course you will ultimately have a better understanding of BIM Management and be able to identify which information management processes to apply within your own organisation. This BIM training course is fully CPD Accredited. The content has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles. Certificate number A006241 (April 2017).

Course content for Information & BIM Management Fundamentals

  • What is BIM
  • BIM progression and the UK Governments Requirements
  • The BIM Standards & Specifications
  • What is BIM
  • Why BIM is being adopted
  • Introducing the standards
  • BIM Dimensions
  • BIM Maturity Levels and Stages
  • LoD, LoI and Level of Information Need
  • The CDE & Container Naming
  • Key Documents
  • The Information Cycle
  • Exploring COBie and Asset Management
  • Roles, Responsibilities & Functions
  • Security-minded building information modelling
  • ISO 19650-2 Walkthrough
  • Contracts, Accreditations & Certifications
  • Q & A and Collateral

Benefits of Information & BIM Management Fundamentals

Improved understanding of project information requirements
Demystifies many of the concepts defined within standards
Provides a step by step walkthrough of ISO 19650-2
Facilitated course delivered in a pragmatic and easy to understand way.

Expected Outcome

After completing this course you will be more confident in your understanding of the industry terms used, the core standards, principles and concepts, and management workflows. You will be better able to respond to pre-qualification questions, assist in the development of business strategies and identify which areas of the information management and BIM apply to your organisation.

This BIM training course is the first step to better information management.

Expected Outcome

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