Navisworks for QA Management

This course is intended to allow new users to understand in detail, the capabilities of Navisworks software as a QA management tool. The course also considers the part that Navisworks software plays within the wider context of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Course content for Navisworks for QA Management.

  • Introducing Navisworks
  • Becoming familiar with the Navisworks user interface
  • Setting up and creating a federated model
  • Using viewing tools to accomplish effective model navigation
  • Working with viewpoints and model sectioning for improved visualisation
  • Create simple animations to assist with presentation and visualisation
  • Effective object selection and property review
  • Review and report using measure and markup tools
  • Hiding and Overriding Objects
  • Create selection sets and search sets to suit a range of automated tasks within Navisworks
  • Overview of Quantification
  • Choosing a suitable catalogue and units to set up a quantification project
  • Enhance a quantification catalogue with item and resource Management
  • Explore the methods for model and virtual take-off
  • Review and understand take-off data
  • Incorporate updated project models and analyse changes against existing take-offs
  • Review and update quantification catalogues based on analysis results

Benefits of Navisworks for QA Management Training.

Federate project models using Navisworks then navigate, investigate and report
Understand and achieve consistent working practices using Navisworks
Use Navisworks quantification to create takeoffs across multiple project models
Analyse quantification changes in developing project models

Expected Outcome.

Confidently use Navisworks to federate and coordinate project models to measure, mark up and report on issues requiring investigation and resolution. Understand quantification catalogs and create and manage detailed quantification takeoffs for developing project models.

Expected Outcome.

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