Revit Structure Essentials Plus

This three-day course is your opportunity to learn how to use Revit to produce steel and concrete structural models and projects. This course covers all the skills in our two-day Revit Structure Essentials course, with the addition of extra subject areas listed with a (+) sign below. This course has a greater focus on how Revit works in real industry situations and will better prepare you for work on live projects.

Course content for Revit Structure Essentials Plus

  • Understand the Revit user interface, ribbon, and context menus and where to locate specific tools
  • Control the vertical and lateral position of structural elements with levels and grids
  • Link your architectural model as a background for your design (+)
  • Use Revit’s Copy / Monitor tool for better collaboration (+)
  • Automatically place columns at grid intersections
  • Use the sketching tools to define your slab outline and configure multiple floor types such as composite decks and in-situ
  • Sketch floor boundaries and create different floor types
  • Work with shape editing tools (+)
  • Create the structural skeleton of your model with beams and bracing
  • Create steel and concrete beams, modify beam properties, create bracing
  • Create complex steel frames, roofing structures, roof bracing (+)
  • Understand and work with the analytical model (+)
  • Transfer your Revit structural model to Robot Structural Analysis Professional (+)
  • Create Views – the all-important plans, elevations, and sections of your model
  • Create schedules to understand material quantities and check the validity of your model
  • Automate the placement of piles according to structural walls, columns, and grids
  • Create piling layouts and ground beams (+)
  • Work with in-place families for specific details that need modelling (+)
  • Add additional details to your views to convey specific construction details
  • Use your fully annotated views to create sheets that will become your contractual documents
  • Learn about Revisions and add revisions to your sheets (+)
  • Print and export sheets, configure print options, produce PDFs and plotted outputs
  • Output coordinated views and sheets to other CAD formats, configure / export to DWG / DGN (+)

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Benefits of Revit Structure Essentials Plus Training

Understand Revit Structure and Building Information Modelling
Learn the importance of effective coordination with project partners models
Develop the physical and analytical aspects of a structural project
Provides the foundation for moving towards more advanced aspects of Revit Structure

Expected Outcome

Following this training you will be able to set up a structural project, coordinate and work with Architectural Revit models, utilise the features available to create a project model including grids and levels and a range structural elements, then evaluate and develop the corresponding analytical model elements. Apply intelligent tagging, work with automated schedules, and produce detailed construction documentation

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate.

Expected Outcome

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Online Training - 3 days
Course administrator Sonya Scott
26 September 2022 09:30 - 16:30
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30 September 2022 09:30 - 16:30
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