ISO 19650 Accreditation (Formally BIM Level 2 Accreditation and Certification)

Is your organisation looking to become BIM ready, BIM compliant or BIM Accredited?

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The UK Government now requires all public construction projects to be performed by ‘BIM Capable’ organisations. The 2012 mandate has brought about an increased awareness and an appreciation of the benefits associated with its adoption. With many organisations already on their road to ISO 19650 (formally BIM Level 2) compliancy, certification provides a way of underlining that investment and driving business improvement via third party assessments.

Symetri are working in partnership with LRQA (previously Lloyd's Register) in the delivery of the ISO 19650-2 Accreditation process (BIM Level 2 Certification).

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The Process

To explore how the process works in more detail, by reading our blog here.

What are the benefits of BIM Certification?

  • Risk management by assessing potential risks and issues that may arise with bidding for and delivering projects.
  • Quality assurance by ensuring controls and processes are a continuous and managed process.
  • Reduced costs and improve safety by avoiding rework being required and the need to clear requirements.
  • Increased productivity and speed of delivery through detailed planning and collaborative communication.
  • Reduced waste due to detailed planning.
  • Win more business through marketing your BIM capabilities.

To find out how BIM Certification adds value to your organisation, read our blog here.

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BIM Services

We offer a range of services to help organisations comply with ISO 19650 and BIM requirements.

  • Gap analysis – We offer a detailed analysis of your current BIM processes and suggest improvements required to achieve LRQA ISO 19650 (formerly BIM Level 2) Accreditation. This is the first step towards accreditation and part of the scheme.
  • BIM Standards, Methods and Procedures – This is a direct authoring service delivering best practice and documentation based on your organisation type and delivery requirements, whether you are a client, designer, or contractor organisation.
  • BIM Management documentation (OIR, AIR, EIR, BEP, etc) – We can either review or author documentation based on your organisation’s requirements. Project Delivery Health Check - Assessment of your project against the information requirements, and identification of issues and risks for resolution. Find out more.
  • BIM Documentation Peer Review – If you don’t have a colleague to review your authoring and looking for an independent review of your documentation, we can ensure you are on track and working to the latest standards and promote best practice. Find out more.
  • Digital implementation and BIM strategy development – Ensuring a clearly through-out plan is in place for organisations wishing to start their move to digital working or those who want to advance their current journey.
  • Design productivity review – This service can review the use of your technology investment, which can be extended to a full business review. Find out more.

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BIM Training

Whether your team or the whole organisation need to brush up on their BIM knowledge, we have a range of courses for you to choose from:

  • Information and BIM management Fundamentals – This 2-day virtual course is designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the principles of Information Management enabled by BIM. Find out more HERE.
  • Modular Training – Pick and choose from over 25 modules to provide your management and employees with training appropriate to your organisation, find out how it works HERE.

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Useful Documents

Here are some useful documents to offer you guidance and answer any questions you have.

To download the below documents, please complete the below form:

  • The ISO 19650 (BIM Level 2) Accreditation guidance document – This document provides details on what is needed to meet the LRQA scheme.
  • The new ISO 19650 Q&A document - The ISO 19650 standard is an international standard for managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset using building information modelling (BIM). This document explains how those in the UK can apply the standards locally and is a very useful guide but can only be accessed by purchasing a copy of ISO 19650-1 or 2.

Download our Documents below

Download the Guidance document HERE.

Download the ISO 19650 Q&A document HERE.

About LRQA

By bringing together unrivalled expertise in inspection, certification, brand assurance, cybersecurity and training, we’ve become a leading global assurance provider.

We’re proud of our heritage, but it’s who we are today that really matters, because that’s what shapes how we partner with our clients tomorrow. By combining strong values, decades of experience in risk management and mitigation and a keen focus on the future, we’re here to support our clients as they build safer, more secure, more sustainable businesses.

From independent inspection, certification and auditing; to training and technical advisory services; to real-time assurance technology; to data-driven supply chain transformation, our innovative end-to-end solutions help our clients negotiate a rapidly changing risk landscape – making sure they’re shaping their own future, rather than letting it shape them.

Find out more about LRQA here.

Just like ISO 9001, ISO 19650 Accreditation | BIM Level 2 Accreditation is a quality management standard helping organisations of all sizes demonstrate they deliver a consistently high level of professional service. In fact, if you already have ISO 9001, you’ll find that some of the hard work has already been done and therefore can contribute significantly to your ISO 19650 Accreditation | BIM Level 2 Accreditation.

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