Digital Transformation


Project execution, monitoring and control

Operational excellence is driven by diligence in how you check work before, during and after every stage in order to avoid risk and rework. Therefore it's critical that any project encompasses project performance insights. To help with this, we offer a number of services which enable you to analyse and keep track of your progress on projects.


BIM 360 Adoption & Process Healthcheck

Analysis of your current BIM 360 adoption and associated worklows, with the aim of driving increased efficiency through process improvement.

CDE Configuration & Compliance

We can support the set up and ongoing management of the Common Data Environment (CDE) to ensure compliant delivery with optimal efficiency.

Project Reporting & Analytics

Helping you create, organise and manage project budgets, contracts, purchase orders, potential change orders and change management processes.

Rule Based Model Audits

We can help you perform rule based model checking for geometry compliance and to meet information requirements.


BIM Documentation Review

We can assist in the verification and validation process of all BIM related documentation and information deliverables.

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