Adopting a document management system

A collection of resources to help you make adopting a document management system a reality

Adopting a Document Management System

Whether you're here because you need a new solution to enable a remote workforce, sick of manual, time-consuming tasks, or any other reason, you're probably already bought into the idea of the benefits that document and drawing management software can bring to your company.

However, you're concerned that:

You don't know what kind of system you need

It's too long and disruptive to adopt

It costs too much money upfront

We've rounded up a collection of content to help remove the stigmas around these concerns and show you that adopting document and drawing management software may not actually be as hard as you think.

How do I know what system I need?

Whilst you may have come to the realisation that document and drawing management software will help make your life easier, it's hard to narrow down what you should be looking for in a system in order to suit your company's needs.

We created a checklist to help AEC businesses consider what is important when selecting a document management system with the ability to then score the capabilities with colleagues, so that it can be presented to any system vendor as your scope of requirements.

I don't have time to implement and adopt a system

One of the most common reasons we see people not progress with document and drawing management software is the fact they think adoption will be too hard for staff, and also cause too much disruption to everyday practices.

Read this case study with our customer BES Ltd, to find out how we adapted our drawing management software Excitech DOCS to their existing processes.

“I didn’t want there to be too much of a change otherwise people would reject the new solution. I asked myself “How do we recreate this system for users so they can migrate easily and understand where the documents are actually located in the system?” As a result, we’ve now got an enhanced system that not only utilises our existing systems, but also helps us align with ISO 19650 standards and workflows. We’re getting the best of both worlds.”
Mike Robinson, BES Ltd
BIM Manager

How do I know I will receive a return on investment?

It's very difficult to consider the return on investment that document and drawing management software can bring when presented with initial up-front costs, so it's understandable why people often get deterred by price. However, it's important to think strategically about the long term benefits that the software will eventually bring not only in money, but in time also. 

To help you realise this, we spoke to our customers to learn what time & cost savings they have achieved from using our document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS:


Results of this survey showed that customers could save 114 hours a week with our drawing management software Excitech DOCS. 

Case Study

"I'd estimate that with Excitech DOCS alone we are now saving four hours per person, per week. Across 10 core users that mounts up to 160 hours per month, or 20 person-days. It's a better result than we could ever have hoped for."

Tzeh Bin Cheong, Associate Director, SEH

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