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Whether you work in the Utilities, Renewables or Telecoms sector, the three common shortfalls each of these industries tend to have in common in relation to asset and engineering information management are:

Access to documents

When there's no structured way for external parties to access documents, it compromises security. Compiling reports which involves having to pull data from disconnected, antiquated sources wasted valuable time, and not being able to quickly access critical information during an unplanned shutdown cripples responsiveness.

Inconsistent handovers

Some companies still maintain outdated processes that make managing the flood of engineering documents unreliable and make working with external vendors difficult. For instance many companies manually check that the documents submitted by the supply chain are compliant to agreed-upon standards. This often faces them with the difficult scenario of not knowing if something was wrong until it's too late. 

Need to reduce costs

When errors creep into documentation, companies often waste money on human labour trying to rectify these issues. Using outdated documents often leads to rework, project delays, cost overruns and safety incidents - all of which negatively impace the Profit & Loss ( P&L) statement and balance sheet. 

Industry Specific Painpoints


The main issue power plants tend to face in relation to asset and engineering information management is the manual performance of document compliance checks once received from the supply chain. 


The main issue water companies tend to face in relation to asset and engineering information management is the ever-increasing amount of engineering documents, drawings, and related data they need to monitor in order to reach their cost and sustainability goals.

The Solution

A modern approach to asset information management, delivered in a series of phases will ensure that businesses realise improvements from the outset and also have a direction of travel to meet and exceed digital transformation initiatives.

Our solutions help businesses to connect engineering and financial data, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases, and asset management (CMMS) solutions used by project supply chains and operations and maintenance teams (O&M).

The result? Optimised project delivery to operational asset workflows, saving time, increasing safety, and reducing costs from day one:

  • Connect to a range of technologies to ensure that all relevant documentation relating to a geo-located asset is readily available, helping decision making and reducing the time required to respond to service calls. 
  • Solutions can be built into the document/drawing receipt processes to help automate validation and approval processes. Non-compliant information can be returned to a supplier automatically.
  • Robust commission and information management processes will eliminate the need for expensive surveys immediately after new assets have been commissioned. Accurate 3D data can be used to optimise the time spent on site. 

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