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BIM Surgery | Build your own Information and BIM Management Training Course

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We understand that one training course does not fit all due to the nature of each individual business, and the differences in where you are on your BIM journey. Therefore our BIM Management Lead and Principal Consultant, Daryn Fitz, has developed a modular learning programme to give you the flexibility and power to:

  • Configure your own content,
  • Develop your own training programmes for your staff,
  • Keep up to date with the very latest standards, methods, and processes,
  • Maximise knowledge retention and investment.

Whether you are looking to refresh and update your knowledge and understanding of BIM and Information Management, develop engagement across your business, upskill teams, or ensure management understands the fundamentals, our programme can support you.

To help you determine the most appropriate modules for you and your business, Daryn is available to discuss your requirements. Book your 30-minute appointment by completing the enquiry form*.

* For more information, watch our recent webinar where Daryn explains how the programme works and how it can benefit you.

*Appointments are subject to availability.