Are you getting the most from your Autodesk software whilst working remotely?

As we slowly start to come out of lockdown in the UK, there may be talks of returning to the office gradually and adopting a hybrid-office culture where your time between the office and home is split. So how would this work? Would you need a mobile CAD workstation for home and a desktop CAD workstation for the office?

Introducing HP ZCentral Remote Boost

Allowing you to access the full potential of your Autodesk Software from any device and any location

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If you currently have a HP CAD workstation, you can instantly start getting more from your Autodesk software as the ZCentral Remote Boost technology is already available to you free of charge. If you do not have a HP device, you can still purchase a licence for Remote Boost which could become a more cost effective alternative than buying more laptops with all the bells and whistles to try and match the power of a desktop CAD workstation; which you might even already have sitting at the office. If not, take a look at look at some of the CAD workstations we have available.


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