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We understand the challenges that our customers are facing due to COVID-19 and the business impact this is having on a day-to-day business operations. To help our customers during these challenging times, we would like to offer a free 1 hour ‘productivity health check’ to ensure you are working optimally in your current situation.

This health check will take a look at your:

  • Current Business Situation - assessing the current business impact of changes to your working environment, in particular remote working. We will review your current application use, hardware and resource locations to assess if this is the most appropriate for your situation.
  • Shared Data - review of how templates, content centre files, material and style libraries etc are being used.
  • Current Issues and Awareness - explore your current workflows and issues and provide recommendations for how to resolve and improve.
  • Data Integrity Check - risk assessment and backup audit to ensure your data is as secure working remotely, as it would be on site and how to safeguard potential risks when merging from different sources.

We anticipate the review time to be 1 hour to cover the above.

Symetri Product Design & Lifecycle Technical Review*
In addition to this, our customers can request a full Symetri Product Design & Lifecycle Technical Review which includes a review of your:

  • Current organisational goals and objectives - Understanding on business strategy, organisation and responsibilities and how your digital capabilities address and align to those.
  • Current design and manufacture process - Associated data creation, edit, transformation and delivery processes, including the stakeholders at each stage and their responsibilities and any current issues and bottlenecks.
  • CAD Standards - Covering data quality, user ability and data reuse to identify areas of ambiguity, gaps, and inefficiencies and recommend best practices to overcome. 

*Symetri's full technical review is subject to additional cost.

Contact us to take advantage of Symetri's knowledge and experience to help you continue to achieve your business goals and objectives by working smarter together.

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