3ds Max for Revit Users

This course will prepare you for the world of 3D rendering and animation. You will use 3ds Max to create 3D solids and surfaces, customised lights and materials, and fully rendered animations. You will learn how to optimize and prepare 2D CAD drawings or 3D models (i.e., Revit) for export for 3ds MAX work as well as lighting and mapping techniques used with different models. If you want to go beyond Revit's rendering and visualisation capabilities, our 3ds Max for Revit Users course is your opportunity.

Course content for 3ds Max for Revit Users:

  • Navigate the interface
  • Set preferences and the project folder, configure paths
  • Control and configure viewport display
  • Understand object selection methods and units setup
  • Prepare the Revit model for 3ds MAX - best practices
  • Understand linking options - the arguments for and against FBX and RVT file formats
  • Make sure material assignments are correctly detailed across the workflow
  • Look at specific areas in your model and decide if they should be done in Revit or 3ds Max
  • Link and import files, link to an AutoCAD DWG, link to a Revit file
  • Work with materials and maps, create a material library, map materials to geometry
  • Understand mapping coordinates and scale
  • Get started with lighting -- local vs. global illumination, standard lighting, shadow types
  • Use photometric light objects, exposure control, daytime lighting
  • Conduct a lighting analysis
  • Control rendering quality and speed
  • Add a sky portal for interior lighting from daylight
  • Combine rendering and cameras - camera types, parameters, effects and composition
  • Use rendering options and presets, background images
  • Render to the cloud with Autodesk 360
  • Create an animation, use time controls
  • Create a walkthrough animation using turntables and keyframes
  • Create a shadow study animation

Benefits of 3ds Max Training

Develop a joint modelling strategy
Create dynamic compositions
Create dynamic animations
Work with an expert in both Revit and 3ds Max

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will understand how to prepare your Revit model for exporting to 3ds Max, maximise efficiency through correct scene organisation, share material information between Revit and 3ds Max, understand lighting application in various real-world scenarios, create dynamic compositions using static and moving cameras, create dynamic animations and make successful renderings.
After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

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