AutoCAD for MicroStation Users

No two CAD packages are exactly alike. But as technology progresses, MicroStation and AutoCAD are getting more and more alike with each new version. However, MicroStation and AutoCAD are still different CAD packages. This 3-day AutoCAD for MicroStation Users course is your opportunity to make a seamless transition. You will learn the possibilities, the limitations, and most importantly the differences, and work with them.

Course Content for AutoCAD for MicroStation Users:

  • Understand the AutoCAD user interface
  • Learn to speak the new language - Cross terminology dictionary
  • Understand how "graphics" compare from DGN to DWG
  • Get out of trouble - AutoCAD Help
  • Understand the user interface similarities and differences
  • Use Heads-up display for greater speed and accuracy
  • Use basic drafting tools, AutoCAD Osnap vs. MicroStation Snap
  • Understand the editing commands that are identical, similar and very different to MicroStation
  • Use grips for better editing
  • Organise drawing geometry using layers
  • Understand the best use of AutoCAD editing commands
  • AutoCAD blocks - a more flexible approach to grouping objects
  • Use blocks as internal or external objects, edit blocks in place
  • Edit text and dimensions on the fly
  • Use quick dimensions
  • Work with layouts, create sheets for plotting
  • Use viewports, set layouts to plot to scale
  • Improve drawing appearance -- edit and preview hatch patterns
  • Get your drawings out -- understand plotting options, controlling plotting scale

Benefits of AutoCAD Training

Quickly move to using AutoCAD on drawing projects
Understand the key differences between MicroStation and AutoCAD
Work with an expert in both platforms to quickly transition your skills
Capitalise on your MicroStation skills in an AutoCAD environment

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will be able to understand the AutoCAD environment, effectively move around a drawing, controlling AutoCAD’s display, use AutoCAD’s drafting tools for creating 2D geometry, understand the differences between layers and blocks vs. levels and cells – how to organise information in your AutoCAD drawing, utilise time-saving tips and tricks for AutoCAD text and dimensions.

After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

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