Inventor Modular Course

This course is designed to create a unique training course design for and by you. Inventor has many and varied uses from Furniture Design, Clock Design to full Petrochemical plants. The problem with this is that depending on what you design will mean that you will need to know different parts of Inventor. For example, if the things that you design need a lot of standard components, then Iparts would be a very useful topic to learn, however, if you design glass bottles then you would need to learn surfacing. Symetri's modular training allows you to pick the topics that are of interest to you, meaning that 100% of the course contents will be applicable to your job role. There is an accompanying document explaining more about each subject please contact us for more details.

Course content for Autodesk Inventor Modular Training

  • Parameters
  • I Parts
  • I Assemblies
  • I Mates
  • I Features
  • Surfacing Tools Including Sculpt, Stitch And Boundary Patch
  • Copy Object
  • Levels Of Detail
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Content Centre Editing And Publishing
  • Frame Generator
  • Adaptivity
  • Positional Representations
  • Excel Driven Parts
  • Skeletal Modelling & Sketch Blocks
  • 3d Sketching
  • Bill Of Materials (BOM) Structure
  • Style Libraries
  • Multi-Body Parts
  • Plastic Part Design
  • Custom User Coordinate System (UCS)
  • Project Files
  • Contact Sets
  • Visual Styles
  • Functional Design - Design Accelerators
    • Design Accelerators
      • Bolted Connections
      • Gear Generator
      • Shaft Generator
      • Cam Generator
      • Spring Generator
  • Direct Edit
  • AnyCAD
  • Joints
  • Shape Generator
  • 3D PDF Export

Benefits of Autodesk Inventor Modular Training

Learn topics directly suited to your job role
Become more productive in your role
Learn tips and tricks tailored to your needs

Expected outcome

As a result of this course, you will learn topics suited directly to your job role, this will make you more productive when using Autodesk Inventor

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate. 

Expected outcome

Training at Symetri

Hear from one of our Training Managers Craig Snell on how we can create courses to suit your needs and the benefits of training with Symetri.

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