MicroStation 3D

Learning how to move from 2D to 3D in MicroStation can take a while without professional guidance. You can save those weeks of expensive trial and error on our 3-day MicroStation 3D course, where you will develop a solid understanding of the software's 3D capabilities. You will navigate and work in a 3D design file, create and edit 3D curves, solids and surfaces in MicroStation, create parametric 3D models and develop a basic knowledge of 3D rendering.

Course content for MicroStation 3D:

  • Use AccuDraw in 3D, the view compass, design cube and ACS orientations, 3D point input
  • 3D Tools
  • Use spheres, cylinders, cones, tori, wedges, pyramids, elliptical cones, ellipsoids, polyhedrons
  • Apply standard editing tools to 3D elements
  • Use 3D extrusion, revolution, extrusion along a line, and thicken techniques
  • Create a linear 3D solid
  • Transfer your 2D skills to the 3D environment, familiar commands that work differently in 3D space
  • Learn how to taper, shell, intersect, subtract, trim, cut, fillet, and chamfer 3D objects
  • Modify, delete and edit 3D solid objects
  • Convert 2D geometry to 3D solid models
  • Align in 3D, change Smart Solid display, extract face or edge geometry, remove entities by size
  • Create free form 3D surfaces, model by lofting and sweeping
  • Import/export 2D and 3D designs, cells in 3D, patterning in 3D
  • Understand lighting types, placing lights, area lights
  • Save rendered views, use advanced camera settings
  • Work with materials, options and settings, material definitions
  • Assign interior and exterior materials and finishes
  • Create multi-layer materials
  • Understand photorealistic rendering methods for interior and exterior scenes
  • Use environment settings for scenes, sun image and fog effects, solar studies, fly-throughs

Benefits of MicroStation Training

Better communicate your design intent in 3D
Understand which 2D skills are most useful in 3D
Create 3D surface and solid models for a variety of design results
Impress customers with photorealistic renderings of your designs

Expected outcome

Upon completing this course, you will manage and control 3D views, apply curve tools to design problems, use solid and surface modelling tools and techniques, render 3D models, create dynamic views and export 3D data.

Expected outcome

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