MicroStation Essentials

This course is designed for the new MicroStation user and builds a solid foundation in the concepts, tools and features found in the MicroStation drawing environment. Starting with setting up a drawing and concluding with plotting, you walk through a typical workflow using the tools and features of the latest version of MicroStation. Interspersed throughout are real-world design problems that you solve using the concepts learned to that point in the course. Save time and learn to work smarter on our MicroStation Essentials course.

Course content for MicroStation Essentials:

  • Understand MicroStation's basic design tools
  • Work with views
  • Draw with MicroStation
  • Snap to elements
  • Manipulate single elements
  • Achieve drawing precision using AccuDraw
  • Use measurement tools
  • Work with reference files, referencing the title block, modifying the reference file
  • Work with preferences and working units
  • Understand the importance of saved views
  • Work with cells - your reusable content
  • Create and use cell libraries
  • Edit your drawing, make drawings legible
  • Use selection sets for efficient drawing and editing
  • Work with levels - how MicroStation organises information in your drawing
  • Place and modify text, create text styles for drawing consistency
  • Annotate your drawing with associative and non-associative dimensions
  • Pattern an area to improve the display of an object or area in your drawing
  • Output your drawing, preview a print, use pen tables, batch printing
  • Work with elements, group elements, understand working units and scale components

Benefits of MicroStation Training

Develop good working habits for using MicroStation
Produce complex drawings after only 3 days
Save time over learning from colleagues or videos
Explore different techniques and develop what works best for you

Expected outcome

Upon completing this course, you will understand the MicroStation user interface, manipulate and control views, wpply MicroStaion’s drawing and editing tools, organise drawing elements on different levels in a drawing, work with cells and other complex elements, place and manipulate text on a drawing, use reference files, pattern areas, dimension and plot your drawings.

Expected outcome

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