Revit Detailing

Creating details is a critical part of the design process, as it is the step where you specify the exact information that is required to build a construction project. As critical as detailing is, many Revit users never get to grip with the best techniques for creating 2D annotations. Many of the tools and techniques for detailing in Revit are hard to find or not well documented. We have created this 1-day Revit Detailing course to help you work smarter in the way you use 2D information in your 3D model.

Course content for Autodesk Revit Detailing

  • Understand the two workflows - detail views and drafting views - and the reasons for using each
  • Create 2D drafting views in which you can draw details
  • Link callout views to drafting views so they are referenced properly in construction documents
  • Save drafting views so that you can use them in other projects
  • Use AutoCAD details in Revit
  • Create section views and callout views for better detailing and placement
  • Create repeating details so you can add multiple details with accurate placements
  • Understand the purpose of detail lines
  • Specify draw order so you can decide which details appear in front
  • Reveal what is hidden behind a detail element
  • Adapt or override linework without creating new linetypes
  • Create filled regions and masking regions
  • Place annotations in detail views, understand how this differs from placing in model views
  • Learn top tips for using details from one project to another
  • Improve productivity by developing your detail library
  • Save time by using number keystrokes to insert common symbols to text
  • Use keynote data files for accurate and consistent drawing annotation
  • Creating a keynote legend, produce a schedule of keynote numbers with their description
  • Set up revision clouds by sheet or by project
  • Automatically populate revision schedules

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Benefits of Revit training

Add more information on top of your building model
Show a finer level of detail than is practical or possible within your building model
Save time by leveraging the information in your 3D model for annotations
Automate 2D detailing tasks

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will understand best practices for detailing and drafting in Revit and be able take advantage of the information in your 3D model to 2D create details – 50% of the work is already done!

After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

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Expected outcome

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