Revit Standards and Management

Revit templates and standards are worth their weight in gold. As you learn how to use Revit's tools effectively, you can build those efficiencies into your template file. These efficiencies then translate to time savings on the delivery of every subsequent project for every user. This is perhaps the most strategic of all our Revit courses. If you need to understand the process of deciding how to develop a Revit standard to suit your company and then create a template to reflect those standards, this 1-day Revit Standards and Management course is for you.

Course content for Autodesk Revit Standards and Management

  • Understand Revit templates - the seed of your project 
  • Transfer project standards to your template 
  • Understand the three ways to create a project template - the pros and cons of each 
  • Use categories and subcategories, rather than layers, to control drawing appearance 
  • Use a template to standardise line styles 
  • Understand line patterns, detail styles, object styles and system families, fill patterns 
  • Create a Revit text style to match your existing standards 
  • Understand how Revit splits dimensions into different system families  
  • Learn the best way to create a title block in Revit 
  • Develop/extract information from your project using parameters 
  • Understand the behavioural differences between Revit parameters and AutoCAD attributes 
  • Understand the difference between system families and symbols 
  • Create discipline-specific schedules 
  • Create a material take-off schedule 
  • Understand why Revit schedules are important for model checking 
  • Set up Revit so it will automatically draw plans (i.e., fire strategy) as you create your project 
  • Discuss strategies for how best to customise the project browser to suit your company's needs

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Benefits of Revit training

Understand how standards work in Revit
Use line weights, object styles, line styles, test and dimension styles
Learn best practices for file and project maintenance
Win new business through understanding and complying with UK AEC BIM protocols

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training, you will be able to build a Revit template file that reflects your company standards for modelling and drawing production. 

After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion. 

Expected outcome

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