SketchUp Essentials

Visualising in three dimensions is critical to the success of the design of architectural spaces. The interplay of light, colour, space, and form make exciting spaces function successfully. Traditional methods for exploring these issues are very labour intensive. Use of computer software has enabled quicker (and sometimes more accurate) study models to be generated, explored, and iterated more times in the design time available. This 1 day SketchUp training course provides SketchUp users, without prior experience, with a grounding in the use of the software.

Course content for SketchUp Essentials

  • Product Overview (presentation)
  • Creating your own Template (guided hands-on)
  • Selection and Navigation (guided hands-on)
  • Creating Basic Geometry in 2D (how to, followed by exercise)
  • Creating Basic Geometry In 3D (how to, followed by exercise)
  • Move, Copy, Array and Mirror (guided hands-on)
  • Creating 3D Text (guided hands-on)
  • Applying materials (guided hands-on)
  • Display Options and Styles (guided hands-on)
  • Position and export models to Google Earth (guided hands-on)
  • Using Groups and Components to Isolate Geometry (guided hands-on)
  • Effect of Scaling on Similar Components (guided hands-on)
  • Working with Images (presentation)
  • Follow Me Tool (guided hands-on)
  • 3D Warehouse. Getting & Sharing Components (guided hands-on)
  • Creating Scenes and Animations (guided hands-on)
  • Extension Warehouse (presentation)

Benefits of SketchUp Essentials Training

Generate 3D models quickly and easily using intuitive drawing tools.
Utilise materials and styles to control the appearance of the model,
Walk through your model and create animations.
Download components from 3D Warehouse and extend functionality from the Extension Warehouse.

Expected Outcome

As a result of attending this training you will be able to model and manipulate basic geometry in 2D and 3D, create 3D text, apply materials and use styles, position your model in Google Earth, understand how to use groups and components, work with images, insert components from the 3D warehouse, create animations, and access additional functionality from the Extension Warehouse.

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate.

Expected Outcome

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Online Training - 1 day
Course administrator Sonya Scott
10 June 2024 09:30 - 16:30
Price £195

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