Using Naviate Road for Civil 3D

Naviate Road is a 1-day training course aimed at Civil 3D users who are looking to increase their productivity and make their design process more efficient. The course focuses on the key Naviate workflows and features to demonstrate how the software enhances the existing Civil 3D tools. After completing this course, you will be able to: understand the Naviate environment and its tools for civil design work and understand the specific tools to be used in the design workflow for transportation design.

  • Naviate for Civil 3D General
  •      Installation, setup, and support file search paths
  • ·        Template file
  • ·        Naviate ribbons                 
  • ·        Naviate help
  • ·        Naviate support files
  • ·        Naviate project command and folders
  • ·        Object explorer
  • Naviate Road Plan/Profile Tools
  • ·        Bus stop/lay-by
  • ·        Curb returns
  • ·        Offset profile
  • Naviate Road Assembly/Subassembly Tools
  • ·        Publish existing assembly files
  • ·        Activating Naviate context ribbon
  • ·        Project command and creating a project assembly folder
  • ·        Export assembly
  • ·        Verify inserted assemblies and update
  • ·        Import subassembly from another drawing
  • ·        Search and replace codes/values and verify codes
  • Naviate Road Corridor Tools
  • ·        Import corridor settings
  • ·        Turn off slope patterns
  • ·        Create volume QTO-criteria – compute all materials
  • ·        Export feature lines
  • ·        Add label group to feature line
  • ·        Add label group to alignment
  • ·        Solids from corridor shapes
  • ·        Solids from corridor links                  
  • ·        Select objects from corridor
  • Naviate Property Set Tools
  • ·        Select object by property - search, export
  • ·        Create property table
  • ·        Create ADMM property set for Highways England
  • ·        Create ADMM property set – file setup and script import
  • ·        Adding property sets to multiple objects and set station/ chainage, offset, etc.
  • ·        Analysing property data in Excel and Power-BI
  • ·        Copy properties between objects and drawings
  • Naviate Surface Tools
  • ·        Volumes in intervals
  • ·        Create sub surfaces
  • ·        Max/min for surfaces
  • ·        Simplify complex, large, surfaces
  • Naviate Solid Tools
  • ·        Union complex solids
  • Naviate Road 3D Tools
  • ·        Extrude Along Path
  • ·        Objects Along Alignment

Benefits of Using Naviate Road for Civil 3D

Understand how Naviate can streamline your workflows
Maximise your design efficiency
Learn best practices for using Naviate
Complete more civil work in less time with greater accuracy

Expected outcome

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Naviate environment and its tools for civil design work.

  • Understand the specific tools to be used in the design workflow for transportation design.

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Expected outcome

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