Visualisation and Composition for Architects

This course is a workflow course. It is designed for Architectural and Interior Design Professionals who are using Revit in their day to day design processes and want to understand how to move models from Revit, through to render through to completed photo-composites. The course is not designed as a substitute for essential level product training, instead this course teaches the workflows and techniques employed in moving models between each specific application to achieve the required end goal. The course will be based around Revit Architecture for modelling, 3ds Max with V-Ray, for rendering, then final output would be achieved using photo-editing software.

Course content for Visualisation and Composition for Architects

  • Creating initial Revit model
  • Optimising the Revit model
  • Simplifying certain elements and categories
  • Setting up and export
  • Creating 3D views to export
  • Defining textures
  • Setting up 3ds Max preferences
  • Import Revit model settings
  • Setting up housekeeping with layers
  • Converting geometry and optimisation
  • Adding UVW mapping for textures
  • Additional poly modelling
  • Unwrap UVW techniques
  • Render template to photo editor
  • Introduction to the material editor
  • Optimising Revit materials
  • Creating surface shade
  • Introduction to V-Ray Next
  • V-Ray materials
  • V-Ray lights
  • V-Ray render consideration
  • V-Ray camera
  • V-Ray daylight system
  • Render setting for interior and exterior scenes
  • Render passes
  • Render output format
  • Understanding image format
  • Introduction to photo editor workflow in visualisation
  • Optimising the Alpha masks
  • Layer blends
  • Compositing render passes
  • Final rendered composite
  • Final output

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Benefits of Visualisation and Composition for Architects Training

You will understand the complete workflow from Revit model to visual composition
Increasing visual productivity by using V-ray renderer for interior and exterior compositions
You will gather useful modelling and texture tricks and tips in the workflow from Revit to 3DS max
Learn how to optimise render times by using real time features of the V-Ray renderer

Expected Outcome

As a result of this course you will have a greater understanding of the visualisation workflow that takes a Revit project through to visual composition and presentation. You will gather a greater understand of the toolsets in each application and use them in harmony allowing refined workflows.

Expected Outcome

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