VRED Advanced

This Autodesk VRED advanced course is designed to help you become proficient in VRED advanced capabilities, including complicated scenarios to be illustrated to enable you to simulate models of unlimited detail design.

Course content for Autodesk VRED Advanced Training

  • Get a detailed understanding of the rendering tools - Render Passes, Render Layers 
  • Learn about advanced Rendering - Layer Rendering, Spectral Rendering and Ray Tracing Modes 
  • Understand Ray Tracing, Photon Tracing, subsurface Scattering 
  • Learn how to use Variants and Variant sets 
  • Create Animations - Data preparation, Keyframe Animation, Vertex Animation, Clip Editor 
  • Create Render Effects (Motion Blur) and Copy Transformation 
  • Learn how to work with Touch Sensor - Setup and use in presentations 
  • Understand direct NURBS Rendering - Features and benefits plus Surface Continuity 
  • Work with Interoperability between Alias and VRED 
  • Introduction to the Sequencer Module 
  • Use Measurement and Surface Analysis and Annotation 
  • Learn Advanced Lighting - HDR LightStudio Show & Tell, Rayfile Visualisation IES profiles 
  • Learn about Advanced materials and Displacement Maps 
  • Use Advanced Cameras and discover Pro Features 

Benefits of Autodesk VRED Advanced Training

You will understand the Autodesk VRED user interface and navigating the scene
Create rendered images and work with Raytracing to create high quality visualisations
Adding cameras and viewpoints to a scene
Setting environments and using HDR background images and adding light sources

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training, you will acquire the knowledge needed to use Autodesk VRED visualisation, analytical and presentations tools. You will be able to create high-quality real-time renderings to realistically visualise, evaluate and review your design ideas and present them as design prototypes.

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate 

Expected outcome

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