An insight Report | The Immersive Skills Storm

Immersive technologies are developing at breakneck speed; they are reshaping key industries from architecture and engineering to interior design and film production. Globally, the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) industry alone was valued at $16 billion last year.

An insight Report | The Immersive Skills Storm

Immersive technologies are engines for economic growth, creating and enhancing jobs, boosting efficiency, and delivering productivity gains as businesses integrate applications into their operations. AR and VR are already on the path to being mainstream in the manufacturing sector

As adoption across industries grows, it will unlock many more millions of jobs; new careers and jobs are emerging already that didn’t exist a year ago. Immersive is here, and it’s already changing the world of work. Its time to adapt and invest now

Forecasts show immersive technologies have the potential to enhance millions of jobs and boost the global economy by $1.5 trillion But the economic promise of these technologies is under threat as employers face a global shortage of skilled talent who can develop, apply and realise their potential. This research is for policymakers, educational institutions, employers, and training organisations. It highlights the urgency for investment and action on immersive skills development across Europe and the Middle East. If immersive skills development isn’t prioritised, it will hold back progress with negative consequences for businesses, jobs, and competitiveness.

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