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Benefits of moving from individual products to a collection

This topic is more than just a buying decision of one product vs. many. Therefore, the best place to start is to consider how we have reached this point. For several years now Autodesk have communicated a message, “The Future of Making.” But what does this mean to you and what makes it so important? Well, many of the products coming to market today are forcing us all to change the way we conceive them, engineer them, and manufacture them. Although “Future” is stated, this is already happening, so it is just as much about now as it is about the “Future.”

As always, there are industry trends that are having an impact on each businesses concept and design approach, along with the increasing amount of data we all create and consume in tackling these changes. All these things combined have a large influence on the way we get from an initial product idea to getting it in to the hands of consumers.

Current industry trends we consider to be important include:

  • Connected Data and Cloud Collaboration - Now, more than ever, product development relies on keeping teams and data connected across all departments and locations. Helping to manage processes, projects, and people to drive efficient operations across your supply chain.
  • Advanced Manufacturing - The use of innovative technologies and methodologies for improved competitiveness in the manufacturing sectors. Advanced manufacturing involves versatile production methods that fully utilise capital plant and are more efficient, effective, and responsive.
  • Generative Design - Designers or engineers input design goals into the generative design software, along with parameters such as performance or spatial requirements, materials, manufacturing methods, and cost constraints. The software explores all the possible permutations of a solution, quickly generating design alternatives. It tests and learns from each iteration of what works and what doesn’t.

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State of Design and Make by Autodesk

26 April 2024

The State of Design & Make report is an annual global study aimed at leaders involved in designing and creating various elements such as places, objects, and experiences.

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