Extended Design Validation

The future of making is here, whether we choose to believe it or not; bringing with it radical changes in the way things are designed, made and used. It is disrupting every industry: architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and media/entertainment. With the right knowledge and tools, this disruption can be used as an opportunity.

Industries are converging, and they are innovating more quickly. For example, modern micro factories that mass customise products for demanding consumers, or construction companies manufacturing their own prefabricated walls and ductwork. Or the media firms that take cues from the automotive industry and previsualise their entertainment properties.

In the future, successful businesses will approach the ideas/practices of Design, Make and Use in a new and dynamic way. The process of creation has evolved beyond a simple linear path into integrated cycles of input and feedback.

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State of Design and Make by Autodesk

26 April 2024

The State of Design & Make report is an annual global study aimed at leaders involved in designing and creating various elements such as places, objects, and experiences.

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