Planning for Success – How to implement successful CAD projects

How do we successfully implement projects and how do we measure how successful they have been? Whether it's first implementation, upgrades or development projects, this paper will cover some of the key planning elements that can give your current and future projects the best chance of success.

Planning for Success – How to implement successful CAD projects
"I keep six honest serving men; They taught me all I knew; Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who” - Rudyard Kipling

Looking at our work processes and our company's business, most of us can generally identify areas that can be improved. In the design office a number of these process improvements are CAD related and fall into the lap of the CAD Manager or Engineering Manager. The constant bombardment of marketing materials from the CAD vendors leads us to believe a solution is available out of the box and on too many occasions we jump straight into implementing our idea without due consideration of Why we are doing it, What it is we need to do, How it needs to be done, When it can be done, Who will do it and who it affects, and even Where it needs to be done.

We may have a vision of what we want to achieve but we need to develop a plan to ensure we can achieve that vision, and to understand if it is worthwhile.

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