The Complete Guide to PDM

We're pleased to share the following whitepaper from our partner Autodesk

The Complete Guide to PDM

Engineers spend, on average, 15% of their time managing data, and some routinely waste the equivalent of one day a week or more in doing so. Then, when you need to share this data with colleagues, you have to release and track a series of PDFs, spreadsheets, and design files, and it only gets more complicated when working with third parties. Much of this waste is due to the simple fact that Windows Explorer wasn’t made for engineers. And it certainly wasn’t made to manage and collaborate with CAD files.

Our partner Autodesk have complied a whitepaper on Product Data Management (PDM), a guide to managing engineering data, people, and processes. Download the whitepaper to learn more



State of Design and Make by Autodesk

26 April 2024

The State of Design & Make report is an annual global study aimed at leaders involved in designing and creating various elements such as places, objects, and experiences.

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