Training in the construction sector: strategic or tactical?

Training in the construction sector: strategic or tactical?

A Symetri Construction Sector survey

In order to best serve our customers, we need to understand their training needs. So we recently conducted a survey of a wide range of architects, engineers and contractors. The survey gathered responses about the importance they give to training, and how they make decisions about focus areas and individuals’ training needs.

The top three considerations emerging from the survey:

  • Empowering the individual: With complementary training options, bringing classroom and e-Learning together, individuals can address knowledge/skills gaps as they arise, at their own pace, with no disruption to business as usual.
  • Continuous improvement: The industry still places a premium on classroom training to build core skills. It’s a popular and time-honoured approach. The lessons it delivers can, however, be made more enduring. Companies are now seeing the additional and sustainable value of complementary methods such as e-Learning and video tutorials. The question has to be asked: Is classroom training alone sufficient or should it work in conjunction with other approaches geared towards continuous improvement?
  • Measuring the outcomes: The construction sector is starting to assess training needs and establish how effective the training has been, to plan more effectively and understand ROI and how to optimise it. There is now a reliable, self-administered solution for doing just that.


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