12 Areas to Consider for ISO 19650 Accreditation

If you are thinking of starting the process towards ISO 19650 Accreditation for your organisation, I have outlined 12 areas for you to consider in this blog.

  1. The Gap Analysis process is your first step toward accreditation, and you can use the generated findings report as a check list to help you when resolving the identified gaps. https://www.symetri.co.uk/insights/blog/how-do-we-become-bim-iso-19650-2-accredited/
  2. The Gap Analysis approach involves a Q&A session, meaning you do not waste time and effort developing documentation or processes that are not needed for accreditation. A Gap Analysis can be booked in with Symetri at any stage, therefore there is no need to wait or delay your progression towards accreditation.
  3. The LRQA Accreditation assesses all your business systems that are linked to BIM or Information Management processes. It is a good idea to get who ever is responsible for Quality Assurance or Systems within your organisation involved early in the process.
  4. Most companies today are targeting achieving full accreditation within 10 to 11 months from the initial gap analysis. You can achieve accreditation quicker but considering your company’s current workload and that you need to demonstrate compliance on a ‘live’ project. This timeframe seems sensible for most organisations.
  5. If you need extra help implementing processes or developing required documentation, Symetri can support you with the LRQA scheme or any others in the market. https://www.symetri.co.uk/buildings-infrastructure/buildings-infrastructure-consultancy/bim-advisory/bim-level-2-accreditation-certification-iso-19650-2/#Services
  6. If your company is considering investing in ISO 9001 and ISO 19650 Accreditation, our recommendation is to focus on ISO 9001 first because many business systems required can also support the ISO 19650 scheme. LRQA also provide ISO 9001 certification services.
  7. One of the assessment areas is to make sure that management and employees have BIM and ISO 19650 awareness, Symetri can provide education courses if required. https://www.symetri.co.uk/training/bim-training-courses/
  8. The scheme considers business context, so if you are not responsible for developing a BIM Execution Plan as an example, this is taken into consideration.
  9. The scheme supports Appointing, Lead Appointed and Appointed functions.
  10. If there are amendments or new standards published, the Accreditation will remain up to date through the annual surveillance process where you will be made aware of any changes.
  11. It is not true that you will never have to fill in another Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. If a client wants you to complete a questionnaire that is their choice, but increasingly to get past early bidding stages presenting your certification is often all you need to do.
  12. Holding accreditation can support additional schemes such as Constructionline.