5 questions to ask about enabling a remote work

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5 questions to ask about enabling a remote work

In these unprecedented times, we’re getting lots of questions from organisations about how to enable a remote workforce. Here are the five questions we hear most often and solutions that can help you build the essential infrastructure to support them:

1. How do I get the majority of my people who are now working from home productive as quickly as possible?

Right now, deploying remote work capabilities with speed and efficiency will be essential to maintaining business continuity. Dell Technologies Unified Workspace solution can help secure, manage and support devices from the cloud. We ship preconfigured laptops or CAD workstations directly to your employees and enable fast access to business apps and data.

2. How do I enable critical remote workers who handle lots of sensitive information and need lots of computing horsepower?

Workers who need access to secure data or large amounts of computational resources to do their job present a unique challenge for work-from-home initiatives. With virtual desktops and applications, you can enable remote workers to be more productive and keep data secure while streamlining IT costs and management. Dell Technologies Cloud can simplify management and deployment of virtual desktops and apps on-premises with hyperconverged infrastructure, and in a public cloud environment with AWS and Azure.

3. How do I enable critical remote workers who handle lots of sensitive information and need lots of computing horsepower?

New devices in new locations create new security challenges. Carbon Black Security Cloud reinforces laptop and CAD workstation security for remote workers to address these challenges. Deploy it to new laptops and CAD computers, upgrade existing hardware to prevent threats, offer actionable insights, and help your employees operate more effectively.

4. How can I guarantee high levels of network performance for critical workers?

The rapid growth in remote workforces is straining many corporate and home networks. Eliminate bottlenecks with Dell EMC SD-WAN powered by VMware. This solution delivers reliable, high-performance, home or branch access to cloud services, private data centers, and SaaS-based applications – without relying on the corporate network.

5. How can I scale my data center for the remote workforce – without workers onsite?

Dell Technologies Cloud can help you scale your data center to support remote workers while keeping onsite resources to a minimum. With Dell Technologies Cloud, you can deploy on-premises infrastructure extremely fast and create a consistent management experience across all your clouds. You can even migrate on-premises workloads or deploy new workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS or other cloud partners with no application refactoring required.

Dell Technologies has met remote workforce requirements for tens of thousands of organisations around the world. For more information on the solutions available to you to overcome these barriers, expand opportunities, protect people and maintain operations, get in touch with us on 0345 370 1444 or email info@symetri.co.uk.