AutoCAD Electrical 2024 Manufacturer Content Update

In this blog article, we are going to provide information on recent updates of manufacturer content that are available for AutoCAD Electrical 2024.

AutoCAD Electrical 2024 Manufacturer Content Update

These updates include the following manufacturer content:

  • Siemens AG PLC
    • S7-1500 series
    • ET200MP series
    • ET200AL series
    • ET200eco PN series
  • Schneider Electric Control Relays
    • 70 series
    • 782 series
    • 750 series
    • 792 series
    • RGZ series
    • RM17/35 series
  • Schneider Electric Enclosures
    • XAC series
    • XAL series
    • XAP series
  • Schneider Electric Foot Switches
    • XPE series 
  • Schneider Electric Pilot Lights
    • XB4/5/6 series
    • ZBR series
    • ZBV series
  • Schneider Electric Miscellaneous
    • ZBR series
    • ZB5 series
  • Schneider Electric Nameplates
    • ZBY series
  • Schneider Electric Push Buttons
    • XAC series
    • XAL series
    • XB2/4/5/6/7 series
    • XD2 series
  • Schneider Electric Selector Switches
    • 9001 series
    • Q999 series
    • XB4/5 series
    • ZA2 series
  • Schneider Electric Time Relays
    • RE17 series


  • ET200pro series
  • ET200SP series
  • DP series



  • RMC series
  • RPM series
  • RSZ series
  • RXM series
  • SSP series
  • ZBR series















  • ZA2 series
  • ZBA series
  • ZBE series
  • ZBR series

The additional manufacturer content has been updated to the following areas of AutoCAD Electrical:

  • Siemens
    • Catalogue database
    • Footprint lookup database
    • AutoCAD Electrical 2D footprint files
  • Schneider Electric
    • Catalogue database
    • Footprint lookup database
    • AutoCAD Electrical 2D footprint files
    • Inventor 3D files

The manufacturer content updates can be accessed via Autodesk Access or the ‘Product Updates’ section on your Autodesk account.

If you would like further information on the benefits of using AutoCAD Electrical for your electrical design, feel free to contact us at Symetri to arrange a consultation with one of our electrical specialists by filling in the form.  We offer scheduled AutoCAD Electrical Essentials training, as well as bespoke training tailored to your requirements to help you work smarter for a better future.


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