Autodesk Construction Cloud - New Features 2022

In this blog post, our Construction Consultant Rob Torres will run through some of the latest new features added to the Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform in 2022.


Account Admin

Members view & filtering


New functionality has been added to help admins manage users at an account level.  Filters can now be applied to the member's list for status, company, default role and access level.

Archiving & restoring documents in the library

Within the library area in Autodesk Construction Cloud, forms can now be archived immediately removing them from all projects which currently have access.  They can also be restored, which will reinstate them within the library area, but also in any projects, they were previously in.

Autodesk Docs

Draft approval workflows

When setting up reviews in Autodesk Construction Cloud, approval workflows can now be saved as a draft before being finalised and made available to the wider team.

Export reviews to Microsoft Excel


Reviews can now be exported in an xlsx summary report which provides details of the workflow they belong to, their status and who the next action sits with.

Search & filter documents based on review status

Search capability has been improved within the files area to include review status.

Handling mark-ups

Users working on documents with lots of mark-ups can now control the visibility of these using the new filters which include who and when they were created, whether they are public or personal and also what they are linked to, for example, an RFI or form.

Autodesk Build

Displaying & reporting issues


There have also been improvements to the issues locations filter in Autodesk Construction Cloud, allowing large lists to be managed more easily.  The filter now supports the selection of multiple locations at once as well as an option to include sub-locations.

Reporting of forms

When exporting a detailed form report, users can now optionally include details of referenced assets, files, forms, issues and photos.

Sending RFI's to external parties

When raising an RFI in Autodesk Construction Cloud, users are no longer restricted to assigning it to current members of the project.  A third-party email can now be used. An email is sent to them and they will be able to reply directly to that email.  They do not need to be a project member or have a licence.

Creating stamps in submittals

Within submittals, it is now possible to create a customised stamp and apply it to a document to clearly identify its status. These can be configured to include the name and company of the user reviewing the submittal and is also date stamped when applied.

Mobile access to project files

File access has been improved on the PlanGrid Build app with the addition of Project Files. Users no longer need to save files specifically to the ‘For the field’ area to be able to access them out on-site. Permissions are consistent with a user’s web access and they can control which folders are downloaded to keep sync controllable.

See the new features added to the Autodesk Construction Cloud in action

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