Did you know you can now access Autodesk Vault on your mobile?

If you are a Vault professional user you have access to it on your mobile, so why not take advantage of this functionality?

What is Vault Mobile?

Vault mobile allows Autodesk Vault Professional users to access their Vault on mobile devices and tablets, making it convenient for teams needing to access data outside the office or onsite. This functionality used to be limited to licenced versions of the vault only; however, since the 2024 update, users without a licence can now access vault data as a read-only users. This means data can still be consumed, searched, and marked up when away from the office, offering a great alternative to the web client.

Who can use it?

Using the read-only mode, users can review Vault data through the app, create local mark-ups which can be shared through smartphone applications, download files & exclusive to Vault mobile search using QR & Barcodes.
The fully licenced user, however, can participate in lifecycle workflows, ECO creation and upload data directly from their mobile device, anything they can currently do with Vault desktop but on a mobile device.


How do you Connect?

Users can connect through a local network connection when connected to the same network as Vault or through the Vault getaway services when away from the office, making it truly mobile. This means vault data can be accessed anywhere in the world, whether onsite with a client or on the shop floor with your team.

Vault mobile can be found on both iOS and Android Appstore. Please reach out to Symetri via our form for a demo or support around Autodesk Vault.