Everything You Need For Your Mobile CAD Workstation When Working From Home

As we slowly start to ease out of lockdown restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s interesting to see how different businesses are adapting to a “new normal”. Many companies remain working from home with a few skeleton staff in the office, but quite a vast amount of companies began going back to their offices from the beginning of this month on rotation in bubbles. 

Everything You Need For Your Mobile CAD Workstation When Working From Home
Whether your business has started to make a return to your office or not, it's likely that most will adopt a hybrid approach in order to adhere to social distancing measures, and for a better quality of life eg a mixture of staff working from home and in the office a few days a week.

To help our customers ensure they are adequately equipped for remote working, we've put together a few mobile CAD workstation bundles tailored specifically to industry software and workloads. Here's what each bundle consists of:

Mobile Workstation

Depending on your workloads and the size of models you work with, we've recommended three mobile CAD workstations from Dell:


Working in the AEC or MFG industry means that you are often dealing with CAD models and drawings which may be too hard to navigate with just the trackpad on your CAD workstation, or too small to see on just your mobile workstation screen. That's why we've included a dock in our mobile CAD workstation bundles in order to allow you to connect all your equipment to your mobile CAD workstation. 


CAD software like AutoCAD and Revit is extremely graphics intensive, so the workstations used to run them tend to include high-end graphics cards. To provide you with the best experience whilst working on your designs, and also to avoid the issue mentioned above where your workstation screen may be too small for the type of work you are carrying out, we've included an Ultrasharp 24" monitor from Dell which features a daisy chain for additional screens in our bundles.

Keyboard & Mouse

As previously mentioned, simply using the trackpad on your mobile CAD workstation may present some challenges when navigating around your models, so we've included a Dell wireless keyboard and mouse in our mobile CAD workstation bundles. 

Optional Extras

If you're in need of design software such as Adobe Acrobat,  Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign to accompany your CAD software, we can include the Adobe Creative Cloud in our bundles too. 


If you're after a mouse which has been specifically designed for CAD professionals in the AEC and MFG industries to make navigating your design models seamless, there's an option to add the CAD/SpaceMouse range to our bundles also.

Whether you're still using Office 2010/2019 and want to migrate to Microsoft 365 or whether you are looking to purchase a bundle for a new project or new starter, there is also an option to add Microsoft 365 to our mobile CAD workstation bundles. 

To find the mobile CAD workstation bundle most suited to you and to find out about specifications and pricing, visit our bundle webpage below. For further information, or to tailor a mobile CAD workstation bundle for your business, get in touch with us.