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Factory Design Utilities - Autodesk

Are you ready to adopt a transition from general 2D design into 3D?  NO, I am not talking about going from AutoCAD 2D to 3D using AutoCAD Tools and Toolsets. Do you have the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection? If so, apart from the standard AutoCAD and Inventor software as part of the collection you also have the Factory Design Utilities.

Factory Design Utilities - Autodesk

Don’t get put off by the word “Factory”, that is Autodesk Terminology to determine whether Autodesk software can assist in a Global change in your Design environment, rather than adopting an individual one into designs and processes.

Is your process to design in 2D, model in AutoCAD 3D or in inventor? Then when a change is demanded, do you redo the AutoCAD Drawing to suit the 3D model or is the model modified separately?

You will be surprised how many companies have the Manufacturing collection, however don’t know they have the Factory suite which enables them to round trip their 2D design from AutoCAD to Inventor or Vice-versa.

With factory Design Utilities, your Design Engineer can create 3D assets in Inventor, take them into AutoCAD and manipulate them in 2D.

The typical Salesman can manipulate 2D assets and the updates can then be visualised when the 2D layout is updated in inventor.

What about if contractors need to collaborate their Revit Models or Navisworks Documents with your 2D/3D models? This can all be achieved with the Factory Design Utilities as part of the Design & Manufacture Collection.

Remember the Factory Design Utilities can assist in not only designing factories, but also Design Coordination; Playground Design, Petrol Stations, Process Analysis and many more. 

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