How to Round Edges and Corners of 3D Shapes with RoundCorner

In our previous SketchUp Extensions blog posts, we have reviewed SketchUp Weld and CleanUp which hopefully conceptual design modelling teams and SketchUp users have found useful.

My third recommended SketchUp extension is RoundCorner.

RoundCorner performs the rounding of the edges and corners of 3D shapes along a 2D profile, in 3 modes: Round corners, Sharp corners and Bevel. This SketchUp extension also supports concave corners (always rendered as Round) and non-orthogonal edge faces. Corners can have 2, 3, or more edges.

You can use this tool in several ways – if you select a whole object and run the tool, it will round all the edges. Alternatively, you can activate the tool, then click on a face to select only certain edges to round. You can select the offset you’d like to use, as well as the number of segments created when you round your corners off. A higher number will create a smoother curve, but will also create more geometry.

RoundCorner can be downloaded from the SketchUp extension warehouse.

SketchUp has hundreds of extensions, tools and features which improve design modelling workflows and reduce time-consuming, complex, or repetitive processes.


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