simulation driven applications

Introducing Altair Inspire

In this blog, I will introduce you to a new line of products that Symetri have the honour of promoting under the Altair umbrella of simulation driven applications.

Altair has a wide range of applications for design, engineering and manufacturing departments or individuals to analyse their product prototypes using computer aided solvers. You may be familiar with SimSolid; this software is Structural Analysis for Rapid Design Iterations. Symetri has many customers utilising SimSolid for its amazing ability to drive simulation results without complicated mech controls. 

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What is Altair Inspire?

Altair Inspire is an array of tools to develop the whole lifecycle of your product. Accelerating data creation, optimising, studying structural efficiency, eliminating large timescales and generating manufacturing viability.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the Inspire family:

  • Geometry Creation and Simplification
  • Dynamic Motion
  • Topology Optimisation
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Structural Analysis
  • Assembly Configuration

Featured Workflows

Inspire also provides featured workflows which involve the cross over of multiple Altair applications:

  • Simsolid Integration
  • Motion Analysis
  • Suppress/Unsuppress Entities
  • PolyNURBS Fit
  • Overhang Shape Control
  • Unit Cell Lattice Generation

These integrations are powerful toolkits that can solve numerous design iterations quicker, more efficiently, and precisely.

The Range of Applications

Inspire is a family of products specifically aligned in the Altair portfolio as an interconnected and intuitive environment, making designs come to life. The ability to design and analyse has never been easier using the following applications.

  • Form – Integrated sheet metal forming
  • Cast – fast, easy and accurate casting simulation
  • PolyFoam – rigid and flexible manufacturing polyurethane components
  • Mold – Injection moulding
  • Studio – create, evaluate and visualise designs faster
  • Extrude Polymer – eliminate costs with extruded polymer prototypes
  • Extrude Metal – Lower scrap by understanding profile deformation
  • Render – create renders and animations to showcase products
  • Print3D – creation, optimisation and study of efficient 3D printed parts

Altair Inspire Suite

The incredible thing about the Altair product line is that they all come in a suite. Suites have been created for industry personas; for example, the one I have explained above is the Concept Engineer suite.

Purchasing this suite gives you Altair’s most comprehensive products. This suite has 32 products that can be used in design, engineering, and manufacturing. There are numerous other products in the suite.

If you are interested in what Altair Inspire offers, you can download a free trial of the software. Symetri and Altair will be here to help you with any questions about this fantastic set of simulation-driven tools.