Is there a simpler way to check for clashes in 3D design models?

Is there a simpler way to check for clashes in 3D design models?

As part of the overall project delivery process, it is increasingly becoming a requirement to deliver a clash resolved model. This is because determining the presence, location and severity of interferences within the digital environment is simpler and more cost effective than trying to manage and resolve issues as they arise during construction.

With an increased number of design models being authored in 3D modelling applications, there are greater opportunities for managing this aspect of the process in a more controlled environment. Whether you are specialist contractor, a lead architect, or a consultant offering a clash detection service, Navisworks Manage and Clash Detective provides you with the tools to check for clashes in your own model, or in a federated model of project files from multiple delivery teams.

Navisworks Manage and Clash Detective produce easy to visualise clash points and automatically generated reports, which can result in more productive review meetings with satisfactory resolutions more readily reached and definitive calls to action.

Of course, finding clashes and producing reports is only one part of the story. Clash Detective is a tool, and with the use of any tool, there has to be processes, procedures and outcomes. Some of these may be internal decisions and some may be defined as contractual requirements.

For instance you could be thinking about investing in Navisworks Manage to check your own project models for clashes, your clash detection may be being carried out by a third-party consultant or you may have already invested in Navisworks. Whatever your situation, there are probably many things you should consider:

  • What training courses are available?
  • Can we receive ongoing support during initial adoption?
  • Are we using Navisworks to its full potential?
  • How do we formulate an effective clash detection strategy?
  • How can we minimise the number of clashes reported?
  • How can we effectively distribute the relevant information?
  • Can someone else run this for us as a service?
  • Are we receiving clash reports to the standard and level we expected?

I am sure you will have many other questions, but whatever your interest, Symetri have a team of experienced Application Specialists and Consultants to offer guidance, training and support.

Whilst the primary interest in Navisworks Manage is Clash Detective, Navisworks Manage also has a wide array of other tools to assist with tasks ranging from marking up views to visualisation, animation and quantification.

If you are interested in finding out more about Clash Detection using Navisworks Manage or any of the topics raised here, then contact your Symetri Account Manager or visit our website to see training courses involving the use of Navisworks Manage and Clash Detective at:


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