Top Inventor Nastran Nonlinear Tips

Inventor Nastran delivers finite element analysis (FEA) tools for engineers and analysts. This is powered by the widely accepted Nastran solver technology and a wide range of simulation study types for nonlinear dynamics, heat transfer, fatigue, and more. It's highly tested through a comprehensive verification program and documentation set using NAFEMS.

This blog will highlight some top Inventor Nastran nonlinear tips to help you set up and analyse with confidence.

• Always run a linear analysis first to check if the yield limit has been exceeded.

• Keep the model simple and consider symmetry.

• Perform distortion checks to make sure there are no severely distorted elements.

• Only apply nonlinear materials in the areas of the model where you expect nonlinear or plastic behaviour. This will help speed up the analysis and improve the convergence rate.

• Split faces at contact regions to reduce the number of generated contacts.

• Use Linear elements instead of Parabolic elements to help with achieving faster convergence in results.

• Use Continuous Meshing for Surface models to connect surfaces eliminating the need to create contacts. Contacts increase solution times.

• Leave the Number of Increments field blank in the Nonlinear Setup dialogue box. The software will calculate the optimum number of increments.

• Equivalent Stress Results follow the stress and strain curve data. Use this to analyse your stress and strain results.

• Use the NPROCESSORS parameter to increase the number of cores to help speed up analysis times.

• Use explicit solvers if you are expecting high strains.

• Run the modal analysis to determine the Dominant Frequency W3 required for Nonlinear Transient Response Analysis.

• Use multiple subcases to determine permanent deformations in Nonlinear Static Analysis. With the first being loaded and the second being unloaded.

• Use multiple subcases to allow different time steps in Nonlinear Transient Response Analysis.

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