More. Better. Less.

A speech filled with a unique perspective on automation and the Future of Work.

More. Better. Less.


The headline words from this week’s Keynote Speech from Autodesk's CEOAndrew Anagnost, at this year’s Autodesk University London 2018 (AU London). Three words that he says will shape the future of Autodesk over the course of the next industrial revolution!

Technology is changing every day; Autodesk themselves are now committed to updating their technology with new tools, workflows and features not once a year but when it’s ready to give their customers the advantage. AR and VR have become much more mainstream with all the big players investing in its use. Manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing is no longer a fanciful wish but available to small companies as service. 

The new technologies allow a convergence between manufacturing and design allowing new opportunities for traditional manufacturing. Factories are starting to adapt to this rapid access to design and manufacturing software, moving from large assembly lines to a smart factory concept where tools and lines can be reconfigured optimally and quickly, allowing them to manufacture small batches and one-off of the latest products. 

So, what are Autodesk doing to help us be part of this change? There are 3 key areas all highlighted in the title of this article. More Better Less, the central themes from this year’s keynote. What does this mean? Essentially, we need to make more in a faster smarter way with less; less time, materials and money.

The world is not only changing but growing. By 2050 the worlds populations will reach 10 Billion people. This places high demands on manufacturers to create new products, architects and construction companies to build quicker and faster and scientists to find new ways of achieving this. Adding to this, the internet of things has meant that there is a fast-paced social change happening. Users expect devices to be connected to the internet, bespoke tailored products to fit their individual needs and personality. Small start-ups are now key to this ever-changing market. Not a week goes past where we hear about a new must have technology that we didn't know we needed before. This growing population means a larger middle class wanting more products. This change is going to max our current production methods to the limit. So how can adapt to this and make more better for less? One word … Automation!

The coming revolution is to be fuelled by Automation according to Autodesk. Robots, processes and designs all tailored based on the speed that a machine can compute. Automation and AI tools are here and are needed to allow us to design and manufacture at the pace we require - MORE BETTER LESS. 

The technology is here and its coming thick and fast. How on earth do we keep up with it. Autodesk have talked about the need for change. They feel socially obligated to aid, not only users, but entire communities in this change. They feel that the only way they are going to do this is education. 

Education and simplicity are the key to this. Autodesk are heavily investing in tools to aid software users in optimising their skills. Not only on the clicks and picks within a cad package but in allowing them to explore new technologies and workflows. Simplification is also critical as time will be crucial. Therefore, simplified utilities, streamlined processes and smarter feedback will allow decision making, production and collaboration to become instant.

Automation, AI, VR, AR, cloud computing and smart manufacturing are here now and we all need to pay attention. We all have an option - bury your head in the sand or face the transition. What will you do ……

Here at Symetri we support you in learning, managing and embracing this change. Between our events, training and technology, our consultants are able to guide your business though the mind field of technologies available.


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