Pinnacle Series Tips and Tricks

Are you a Pinnacle Series user and looking for better ways to use the software?

Pinnacle Series Tips and Tricks

Eagle Point, the provider of Pinnacle Series, have put together some tips and tricks to help you along the way:

1. Tagging Content by Product and Version

  • Tagging custom content will be more and more important as Pinnacle Series evolves
  • The Product and version tags are crucial for searching for content and being able to use the filters after a search is performed
  • There are two ways to tag content within the product and version today
  • Modify each Workflow, Cheat Sheet, Video and Course individually (Right click the Content>Modify)
  • Modify a folder at one time (Right click the folder>Associate Product and Version)

2. Importing Word Documents

  • If you have several Word documents (.doc, .docx, .rft) you can import them into Pinnacle Series as Cheat Sheets. The formatting will be brought into Pinnacle Series as closely as possible to the original document
  • It’s recommended to import the documents into Pinnacle Series versus linking them because then the search engine has the ability to index all of the text within the document rather than just the name
  • To import Word documents, right click on a folder within Cheat Sheets in Content Manager and select Import Cheat Sheets from Word docs

3. Snapshots

  • If you’re creating a Cheat Sheet or Workflow in Pinnacle Series from scratch, you can capture and mark up a quick screen capture straight from the content creation window
  • Click the icon that looks like a camera then select the area that you would like to capture

4. Work Group for your Favourites

  • There are two ways to setup favourites in Pinnacle Series today:
    • Use your browser favourites
    • Create a Workgroup for yourself and call it My Favourites (This method allows you to invite others to your favourites as well)
  • Go to Work Centre>Add Workgroup

5. Using Pinnacle with Microsoft Teams

  • If you’re already using Microsoft Team to share information with various Teams, you can add a tab to a Team that includes a link to a Pinnacle Series Workgroup
  • In Team, add a tab and use the option to add a URL then use the URL of the Workgroup

6. Assign Expertise

  • On every piece of content, when you’re viewing it in the browser, there is an “Internal Experts” icon available to the user. The intent of this feature is to tell the user who to turn to for help internally if they don’t understand something
  • To set this up you must assign the expertise in the Administrator Utility
  • Go to the Administrator Utility>Expertise and you can create new areas of expertise and assign people to it
  • The area of expertise must match the Product associated to the content exactly and then the users with expertise will show up automatically on any content associated to that Product

7. How Related Works Today

  • Related content is intended to give the users recommendations for other content that might help, if the current item doesn’t
  • Related items are gathered automatically, as long as the content resides in the same folder as the current content you’re viewing. Therefore, if you want a certain piece of content to show up in Related, it must be in the same folder as the other content
  • This will evolve and improve over time. Most likely during the Adaptive Learning project

8. Turning off Public Content

  • Pinnacle Series comes with a lot of pre-loaded content. We refer to this as Public Content. It usually makes sense to turn off some of this content to make the information more relevant to the user
  • Go to Manage Content>Tools>Set Public Content Visibility
  • You can set it by company, roles, and/or individuals

9. Under Construction/Review Folders in Content Manager

  • When you create custom content in Pinnacle Series, it will be shared immediately to all users within your organisation. If you’re not ready to share the content you can setup an “Under Construction” folder and hide it from everyone.
  • Create a new folder and modify the folder visibility rights

10. Search operators work in Pinnacle Series

  • Most of the standard search operators work in the Pinnacle Series search
  • The same methods available through Microsoft Bing search are available through Pinnacle Series

11. Adding Pinnacle Series to Home Page or Browser Favourites

  • This will ensure easy access to your content as and when it is needed

12. Create a Desktop Shortcut that Launches Pinnacle Series

  • Another quick and easy access point

I hope you found these tips and tricks useful. If you’re looking to use the system in another way and need a little help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.