Pre-project Assessments - keeping your building services project on track

In my last blog, “Technical Reviews and Assessments”, I outlined the range of Building Services Consulting services Symetri provide to help keep your projects on track. Each service has been designed to support your organisation and help ensure your projects begins from a position of strength and stays on track throughout.

This article looks specifically at Pre-project Assessments. Whether you are new to Revit MEP and BIM, or if you have a few projects behind you, the areas assessed can benefit any organisation as it grows and develops in this rapidly changing industry.

There are key areas to consider when looking to reduce exposure to risk, reduce project delays and gain any kind of productivity or competitive advantage when undertaking a BIM project using Revit MEP.  A Pre-project Assessment will put your organisation in a great position to address areas of concern before starting a new project.

A Pre-project Assessment will review the following areas in the form of interviews with key staff, assessments, and reviews of standards and documentation:

  • Hardware and software suitability
  • Delivery team readiness
  • Project specific Revit MEP standards
  • Information delivery requirements
  • Potential training and support needs
  • Project collaboration
  • Additional project requirements such as clash detection and reporting

Issues in any of these areas can result in problems occurring at any stage of project delivery, from initial resourcing and planning through to final deliverables. Therefore, why not prepare every aspect of your organisation for project delivery from the outset.

Initial reports and information from the Pre-Project Assessment will form the basis of presentation and discussion with an Symetri consultant, with measured results providing a clear understanding and scale for each of the areas assessed. An accurate picture of your current and future position can be established allowing you to make informed decisions on the best way forward for your organisation. Follow-up reports and recommendations from an Symetri consultant will allow you to consider the area’s most critical to your organisation and to successful project delivery, with the option of a strategic implementation of any of those recommendations.

From previous experience, a targeted training program to strengthen a known skill gap in a delivery team, an update to project templates, and an update of hardware or IT infrastructure can be the solution to saving time and possible re-work during project delivery.

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