Simulation for Designers - Exploring centroidal stress plots

Centroidal (Nodal) Results

Carrying on from the previous article I will continue discussing about centroidal results within Nastran In-CAD. Below is an example of centroidal results from different elements.

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So, if we look @ Node C we can have any of the following values displayed.

Maximum option             8.112

Minimum option              6.998

Average option (7.647+7.357+8.112+6.998)/4 = 7.529

Again, in an ideal world, we should also look for less than a 10% difference between corner average and centroidal average results in the area of interest as another sanity checks for convergence of results.

In the picture below, we can see the stress results are above 10% due to stress singularities present in the model so do take care interpreting results. In other words, the maximum and minimum values are not in the same location. In these situations, using fringe displays and probes can prove to be useful as mentioned in the previous articles.


I hope you found this article useful, I will discuss Safety Factor plots within Nastran In-CAD in my next blog.