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Smarter Building Podcast Ep. 2 - The Future Normal Post Grenfell Tower

In this episode of our Smarter Building podcast, we caught up with Varun Soni, Partner at calfordseaden and Part of the Facilitation Team at WeAreNima.im, on fire safety and the recently released BS8644-1 standard which Varun had some involvement in the creation of.

Smarter Building Podcast Ep. 2 - The Future Normal Post Grenfell Tower

We Are Nima, previously the UK BIM Alliance, are trusted advisors who facilitate the implementation and integration of practical information management practices across the built environment.

In recent years, fire safety has rightfully emerged as a critical aspect of building design, construction, and maintenance. In this episode, we delve into the details of the BS8644-1 standard, and discuss its purpose, benefits, challenges, and the driving factors that led to its development. Varun's expertise sheds light on the significance of fire safety and how this standard aims to elevate the industry's practices to ensure safer buildings for all.

"You're going to have a better understanding of what's going into your building. You're going to be able to measure the performance of your building. You could even take it further, start thinking about the Internet of Things (IoT). If you've got a digital solution that will be able to work with that, you can start measuring performance..."

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